Mentor–How important is one?




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Mentor–How important is one?

Who is a mentor? In layperson’s terms, a mentor is someone who guides you professionally or personally. I learned that most people know their mentors personally. A key ingredient to the mentor / ‘mentee’ relationship. Some also say a mentor is an adviser or trainer.

I have writers I admire and appreciate their work and also know writers who have been extremely helpful to me. There are those who have done me a favor when I least expected it. Are they my mentors?

Who is my mentor? In my journey as a writer, I’ve had lots of advice thrown at me from every angle. Some were helpful, and most were not. Everyone meant well because they were genuinely giving me tips that helped them as writers. One writer went far and beyond with her help, advice, and encouragement on my journey as a writer and she became a mentor to me. I met her on a site that is free to write your stories and read books to your heart’s content–Wattpad.

A little something about my mentor and what attributes make her my mentor? I follow my mentor on the site, as do other members when they read another person’s interesting bio. On her page, not only does it list her current works, also has a writing group, editing services, book cover services, things that can help her fellow writers. These helpful items for her fellow writers intrigued me. When she started a Discord group, I joined. Initially, I quietly join the conversations, asked questions and requested help. She's always ready to help in the group and offline. I regard her as a valued person in my journey as a writer. I'm an avid follower of her writing groups on Discord. Her guidance has helped me in my writing journey.

Why do I consider her my mentor? Something horrific happened to my family in 2019, that made me realize that tomorrow is not guaranteed, this second is all we have. It made me sit up and finally make that jump to get my books out to a wider audience. But first I needed a website. My mentor advised me to visit her site and if I like it, she could help me build mine. I loved her website. She helped me build my website. I even asked her to create my logo a few weeks ago, and she did.

I believe a mentor is a person who has been important to your writing career. I ask for her advice on my book covers, website content, anything that I’m struggling with. She has been and continues to be a valuable person in my circle of helpers.

Does having a mentor matter? After meeting my mentor, I say, yes. That relationship is valuable. As a writer, sometimes I hit that writer’s block and the encouragement from my mentor keeps me going. Is having a mentor a necessity, no, but it is helpful.

So, who’s this mentor of mine? My mentor, the one who has given me the most advice and helpful hints, created a book cover or two for me, and even helped me create my website is Celia O’brien affectionately called Cee. She goes by the handle @hottiesoftie on Wattpad. You can find her and check out her books on Wattpad.

Finally, when you develop a mentor/mentee relationship with someone who’s looking out for you and celebrating your progress every step of the way, it develops into something rewarding and personal. I appreciate all that Cee has done for me and continues to do, and I hope to meet her in person one day. And that to me, will be an honor.

Be good to each other.


Writer’s Challenge: Are you a mentor or mentee? How’s that relationship?

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